War for the Throne


Another Temple is destroyed, and the gloves come off. The Praetorian and Panoptic ministries decide that Mammon’s rising Minister isn’t worth the trouble anymore.

  1. The cabal sneaks into the Charlie Green tower and dodge magical traps to destroy its Temple of Fury
    1. the Aether, the Primal Wild and Arcadia have collided with the Fallen World
  2. Bliss regains consciousness, though still hospitalized, and Rail alerts the cabal
  3. Bezhig postcogs the cabal members he saw and drops the hammer on their mundane lives.
    1. Houses either repossessed or bulldozed by eminent domain
    2. Publicly declared terrorists with names and faces
    3. Bank accounts frozen
    4. Fired from their jobs
  4. Desperate and outcast, the Worldly Inheritors (by way of Rail) beg the cabal for help
    1. In addition, a bounty has been placed on them
  5. With both Seer factions turned against them, the cabal flees to the safety of the Shadow Lodge’s compound
  6. The Shadow Lodge eagerly suggest taking the fight to Cheiron’s plant, which the cabal readily agrees to
  7. After the initial assault, the Shadow Lodge keeps the rear safe while the cabal investigates
    1. quarterly profits are up
    2. test subjects developing well, newest antipsychotic is promising but some resources are still too obvious
    3. misgivings about Mammon, especially their Minister-to-be (with DNA sample)
    4. have to compete for ore from Thaumaturge, a local robotics lab wants it too
  8. after getting past the initial guards, the cheiron plant looks empty/abandoned except for the “patients”
    1. bulging, amorphous tentacle “arm”; irradiated metal in a heat lamp
    2. halfway-nercotized flesh; brownish-red, viscous fluid in an IV
    3. stitches and pronounced achilles tendon
    4. frosty breath, frosted table; thermometer dangling over heart, scars from chest surgery
    5. razor-pendulum cutting the abdomen, healing instantly
    6. milky, yellow eyes; eyes held open, dripping a clear, brackish solution into them
  9. The entire Tower of Bab-el is waiting in the boardroom (which has two zombie guards) to make a deal
    1. If they leave town, the pylon will call off the hunt. Otherwise, automated processes will continue it
    2. Regardless of their answer, the Shadow Lodge bursts in, bloody and well-fed and tear into the Seers
The Fractured Pentacle

As a Temple of Vision is built over the Lighthouse, an internal conflict divides (and weakens) the Pentacle

  1. A laborer, fitting Fredrick’s description, goes on a shooting spree at the docks and brainwashed cops kill him
    1. Suspiciously, the police are unharmed and the shooter (clearly a mage) is killed
    2. Fredrick heard that the Guardians are keeping a “shield” from the consilium
    3. A Guardian tore down Fredrick’s magic to keep the pentacle’s secrecy (and the Veil)
    4. Fredrick was raving about “stopping the doomed rings getting into Duluth”
  2. Audit receives a vision of a stone monolith with a shining eye watching over a bustling, primeval city
    1. Its denizens wrap themselves tightly in dark robes and hide their faces, but the eye’s gaze pierces through them
  3. After his vision, Audit sneaks into the lighthouse and steals the soul stone powering the temple
  4. The cabal believes the Rings of Sarnath may be on board a ship and Tally lets them believe this
    1. After breaking into the Captain’s quarters, they steal the ship’s manifest
    2. On their way to the bridge, they are interrupted by Moebius
  5. While trying to find what the cabal is doing, Moebius reveals Fredrick was hunting for a “shield”
  6. Since the Temple of Vision has collapsed, Sleepers in the docks have given over to their animal instincts
    1. The cameras have stopped moving and the recording lights have shut off
    2. If questioned, Sleepers will say there’s no reason to obey since no one is watching
  7. After drawing mana from the soul stone, Hook swaps it with a grenade to get it back
  8. The cabal realizes that other temples may exist and plan to shut down the one at the Commonwealth Building
    1. Little do they know that it’s heavily guarded by demons and even an old ally
  9. Bliss warns the cabal to leave, but they don’t heed the warning and are attacked by a hellhound
  10. On the roof of the Commonwealth Building, the cabal confronts Bliss
  11. The cabal hospitalizes bliss, asking for Rail to alert them when he wakes up
    1. They destroy his denarius
  12. Tally destroys Nicodemus’ soul stone, unmaking the Temple of Doctrine
    1. Nicodemus gains knowledge of Tally with his attainment
    2. Arcadia has collided with the Projects
  13. Tally leaves a note for Ophid to meet up and talk about the towers

During a riot, Bliss rejoins the Seers and the cabal gains a new member.

  1. Asimov goes to the meeting with the fear-powered cell phone
  2. Audit’s tow truck from work got trashed by the Anglers
    1. check in on Leomin
  3. There’s a riot at the Charlie Green Tower and police are quelling it
    1. The cabal battles Thorned Namshiel, who barely gets away
  4. Audit and Tally take Hosea to a hospital, as he’s on the verge of death
    1. He is wheeled into the ER with all five denarii in his pockets
  5. By the time the rest of the cabal get back inside, the demons have been released
    1. Working on desecrating the hospital
  6. Rail works at the hospital and helps the cabal
  7. After subduing three of the demons, Tarsiel escapes to a graveyard near the Church of the Ascension
    1. Urumviel kills his host (doctor) as revenge for its imprisonment in the pocket realm
  8. Pau’guk’s undead soldiers are guarding the graveyard, and hunt down Tarsiel
    1. They only attack the cabal if they’re attacked first, and only to get past them
  9. Tarsiel is preparing to claim the Charlie Green tower by destroying the soul of one of the grigori’s anchors there
    1. The Order of the Blackened Denarius has an infernal grimoire with names of those who might Awaken
    2. The cabal kills Tarsiel before she can even start

One of Asimov’s friends dies from self-imposed starvation alone in his apartment, leaving the Fear-Powered Cell Phone behind. Other items indicate that he may have been working to sabotage the project. Meanwhile, the Tower of Bab-el creates a Temple of Fury at the Charlie Green Tower.

  1. AAR’s Personnel Office calls Asimov asking if he knows what’s happened to Pete Brown. He hasn’t shown up to work for the past week.
    1. Pete has been working on a neural interface, the last component for AAR’s prototype
    2. His has starved to death and his apartment is largely empty, his research scattered
  2. Ingot (by way of Tommy) offers $750 for an ancient metal (adamas) being held by a local engineer — Pete Brown
    1. Audit should get it as practice for acquiring his own reagents
    2. Pete was offered monetary compensation, but if Audit can haggle him down, he’s welcome to keep the rest
  3. Audit has a vision of a lightning-struck, shining tower being encased in a tarnished gold, dimming its radiance
  4. Audit confronts Ingot, angry that he’s been sent after a lot of dead bodies
  5. On a tip from the phone, Bliss stalks the reporter and is attacked by a Myrmidon in service to Dean Bezhig
    1. He accidentally unleashes an Aether anomaly, creating a lightning storm, blasting the area
    2. Afterword, Bliss instills nightmares into the reporter’s dreams
  6. The Grigori starts “checking in” on the other members of the cabal, periodically
  7. The fear-powered cell phone suggests to Asimov that there may be more saboteurs in AAR
    1. Crystal, working on the electrical systems team
    2. Ronnie, helping construct the load-bearing frame
  8. Investigating the other houses, Bliss finds Imariel’s coin
    1. As a team, the cabal kill Magog
    2. Bliss accepts the partnership with Imariel
  9. A lightning storm erupts over the city, causing power fluctuations
    1. This triggers a riot in Lakeside, providing cover for Opal “soldiers” trying to take over the Charlie Green Tower
    2. Ultimately used to gather more authoritarian power over the city
  10. The cabal destroys Akariel’s coin using a ritual provided by Lasciel
    1. Ursiel, Urumviel, Varthiel, Ordiel and Tarsiel are still around
  11. Afterword, they try to exorcise Imariel from Bliss and he flees, with Moth’s help
    1. Bliss took off his jacket and dropped it while running
The Prodigal Master

After reclaiming Leomin Strauss, the cabal must decide what to do with him. Meanwhile, the chaos at Parepin, Inc. allows them to establish a Temple of Obligation.

  1. Audit has another Exarch-inspired vision
    1. A metal sentinel standing over the body of a robed man, in the rubble of a collapsed building in front of a cyclopean stone spire
    2. The sentinel is taking the stole from the body of the fallen man
  2. While taking Leomin back to their sanctum, the cabal encounters (and flees from) an Anglers Observations surveillance van
  3. The cabal talks to Leomin to get some information out of him
    1. The Hegemonic Ministry is dying ever since the Nameless War and Mammon is trying to succeed it
    2. Hegemonic and its allies want Audit dead because of his destiny
  4. All the mages’ cell phones turn on (with a signal) and glow with a blinding rust-colored light for 4:37 minutes
    1. Parepin, Inc. has established a Temple of Obligation over Lakeside (vulgar, +2 paradox to counter/dispel Mind)
  5. Bliss is arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity on a tip by Hook
    1. Hook, and later cops, interrogate Bliss about Leomin
  6. Asimov is hospitalized by a twilight demon
  7. The rest of the cabal ambushes Line and Sinker, leaving them helpless and shamed
  8. Bliss convinces Moth to change the rules of the contest
    1. He needs to kill the Gatekeeper before Hook brings Leomin to Moth
  9. While Asimov is hospitalized, Rail tries to make a deal with him
    1. Offers healing and protection in return for help against Hegemonic/Paternoster
    2. Will offer money if he needs to (Resources *)
  10. Hosea searches the hard drive stolen from Anglers Observations
    1. He finds the location of the Monitoring Station and a video of a Grigori being created
  11. The cabal, group casting, dispel the mental compulsion on Leomin
  12. Thaumaturge has cleared the cave-in at the Rice Lake Mine and inform Asimov they can fill his order
  13. While at UMD, Thoth informs Hosea that he suspects the Order is planning something for tonight
    1. There are demons at the school, inflicting students with forbidden rites
  14. Hosea gets information from Lasciel (in one of the coins) about where to find more coins
  15. The cabal breaks into the house and finds the Gatekeeper, apparently alone in a derelict house in Lincoln Park
    1. She has Sleepers keeping watch as backup (and to inflict Paradox)
    2. When one of her maintained spells fails, the house collapses into the Abyss
  16. The Gatekeeper has just made a human sacrifice as part of an Abyssal compact and is confident enough to fight
    1. She has significant magical defenses (Zeal, first attainment, Untouchable, 1 bashing/lethal consumed as instant)
    2. Three sleeper thugs enhanced with covert magic (Zeal)
  17. Confronting the Gatekeeper, the cabal is grievously injured but by collapsing the house on her, manage to kill her
    1. Hosea uncovered a brainwashing ritual in the basement
    2. Bliss ended his contest with the Anglers
    3. Asimov recognized that he’s being watched
  18. Lasciel informs Hosea that the other Denarii weren’t actually in the Gatekeeper’s house
Underground Resources

The war turns personal as a friend is in dire need of help.

  1. Gwen (Audit’s ex-) has been offered a job at Cheiron with her fiance
  2. Bliss is hired by AAR as an image/press consultant
  3. Hosea makes a deal with Solomon for access to his library
    1. Solomon wants the Book of Life from the Cheiron Plant
    2. Hosea wants access to Solomon’s library
  4. Bliss asks Moth for rotes to control the Golems of Adzjinn
    1. Moth tells Bliss to bring him Leomin before the Anglers do
    2. Bliss is given an eye lapel pin to warn off the Anglers (and let Moth watch)
  5. Thaumaturge Mining is having trouble producing the ore AAR needs for its prototype
    1. A cave-in at the Rice Lake mine has delayed production
  6. Terry and Bliss go on a date with Gwen, trying to suss out info about Cheiron
    1. Brad Foster gave her an interview at the plant
  7. Asimov and Hosea investigate the Parepin, Inc. broadcasting towers
    1. They believe there is wiretapping and subliminal messaging
    2. Hosea has sabotaged the broadcasting towers after being tagged by 101
  8. The cabal discuss what to do at a truck stop outside of town
  9. They decide to let the ‘repairs’ wait in order to save Leomin
  10. A fight between Cheiron and the Bartlett Cartel breaks out
    1. The cabal interrupts it and kidnaps Leomin
The Fallen Tower

The miigis at the Commonwealth Building has been corrupted by Nicodemus and is summoning reinforcements to distract mages from Nicodemus, who is erecting a Temple of Doctrine over the Projects.

  1. The cabal gets in a fight with a man possessed by Saluriel
  2. Retracing through history, the cabal finds out the three other mages have been killed
    1. They were hanged and used to create hands of glory for an infernal ritual
  3. When they return to the Projects, the cabal feels like they’re trespassing
    1. All their magic is now vulgar with +1 dice to paradox
    2. Nicodemus’ soul stone is a blackened rosary on the roof, guarded by by hellhounds
  4. The cabal splits up to research things
    1. Bordeaux informs Terry the Bartlett Cartel is being brainwashed
    2. Thoth tells Hosea about the Denarian’s coins
    3. Poe helps Bliss find out about Saluriel the demon
  5. A man possessed by Saluriel attacks the cabal, dropping his coin when defeated
    1. Hosea pockets the coin before anyone can touch it
  6. The cabal retreat back to Hosea’s sanctum to share their findings
  7. The verge around the Commonwealth Building has collapsed
  8. Nicodemus has claimed the ‘tower’, affecting magic
    1. Magic channeled from the Primal Wilds is now Seer-ish in its effects
    2. Also, +2 to Seers, -2 to everyone else
  9. A hellhound is waiting in Bliss’ apartment and chases them off
  10. Terry finds out the Bartlett Cartel are feuding with Cheiron
  11. The cabal decides to trade a ring of thaumium for three rotes with the Shadow Lodge
  12. A snowstorm rocks the city, providing cover for an attack on the Commonwealth Building
    1. Gargoyles made by the Tower of Bab-el trying to take control of the Temple
    2. They have strict instructions not to harm Audit but attack the cabal and Sleepers
  13. The cabal look for holy water and run into Asimov, taking refuge
    1. Asimov was jumped by Justin (Sinker) who retreats in an Anglers van
  14. The Commonwealth Building’s halls are littered with corpses, allowing access to the roof
    1. Cheiron’s gargoyles have slain those possessed trying to claim the Temple
A Forest of Ice

A rare alchemical reagent, which doubles as tass, causes trouble and introduces a new ally.

  1. Another police officer, government employee and a banker are found dead
    1. Apparently killed by animals again, wider search
    2. Surveillance cameras have been constructed all around Duluth
  2. Hosea is tasked with tailing a mage suspected of breaching the Veil (Nicodemus)
  3. Terry is asked to get Iridescent Moss from the Commonwealth Building
    1. Nicodemus opened a verge into the Forest of Frozen Trees and a miigis killed the contacts
    2. The contacts grew the ingredients in the hallow in the basement
  4. The cabal finds the remnants of the Iridescent Moss and draws the attention of the miigis
  5. After investigating, the resident mages have disappeared and meet Bliss
    1. Harvey Spinner, Robert Murdoch and Thomas Graves
  6. The miigis confronts the cabal and demands payment for trespassing
    1. The mages were killed because they could not pay their tribute anymore after the hallow died
  7. The group splits up to talk to their separate contacts and do research
    1. Terry gets in touch with Emily Pratt, a miner at Thaumaturge who might be able to find a patch of incandescent moss in the mines
    2. Hosea goes to the police department and arouses their suspicions about police killings
    3. Hosea is caught on security cameras in Lincoln Park
    4. Bliss talks to Carnation and the Lorehouse operator and finds out the iridescent moss is tass and grows in hallows
  8. Emily has found the mine rumored to have glowing veins of ore
    1. Her call to Terry is plagued by connection problems
  9. Once inside the mine, Emily is pulled away from the group by spider-lizard hybrids
    1. An experiment escaped/released from the Cheiron plant
  10. A patch of Iridescent Moss is growing near a thaumium vein deep in the mine
  11. Fighting his acrophobia, Bliss presents the moss as tribute on the roof of the Commonwealth Building
A Murder Mystery

The cabal stumble across a corpse killed by the Shadow Lodge and made to look like strange animals did it.

  1. The next day, the Sanderson Museum Heist is in all the local news outlets “Vigilantes usurp police authority, risk Duluthians’ lives”, complete with police sketches.
    1. The first officer at the scene is found in the woods, and the cabal is blamed for it
    2. Officer Scott is the lead on the killing
  2. The cabal notices an incognito item effect placed on their sanctum with a strange jelly
    1. Ingot saw them at the museum and wanted to protect them
  3. The first time they go out, cabal is attacked by mutant wolves
  4. The cabal tracks the wolves back into New Duluth and into the Wilderness again by way of a van
  5. The trail ends at a secured compound
    1. The property is in the jurisdiction of neither Duluth nor Minnesota
    2. It is heavily implied to be a pharmaceutical company
  6. Fix informs the cabal that the property is owned by the Cheiron Group
    1. Immediately after, however, she tries to hide from Cheiron
  7. Tommy Graves visits Fix and the cabal at her storage crate
  8. The cabal meets with Ingot at his mansion where he offers to train Terry in alchemy
    1. Ingot also tells Terry he has a grand destiny
  9. Back at Fix’s, there are two Cheiron agents are waiting
    1. The cabal attempts to ambush them
    2. The agents have Zeal, tasers and are hive-souled
    3. Their instructions were to recruit Fix, or failing that, capture her
  10. The cabal ambushes and questions the hive-souled agents
    1. After the questioning, their minds are wiped and the agents let go
The Museum Job

Out of the storm and after the recovery, the Seers begin to take action

  1. Terry gets a vision (All Along the Watchtower) and is told to take the day off by Earl
    1. The mayor announces the touring museum exhibit; pisses off Fredrick
    2. Edison gets an invite to the gala; exhibit opens tomorrow
  2. One of the PCs’ sleeper friends is at the museum and one of their antagonists, too
    1. Perry Birch (grad student friend of Hosea)
    2. Carry (Wiccan coven member, antagonist of Edison)
    3. Ingot
  3. Dara MacKenzie wants them to take the Cipher
    1. She can’t be seen to rob the museum, but an outsider can
  4. After the gala, the power is cut and the attendees are herded
    1. Odoya and 12 templars (SWAT officer template, but are mobsters)
    2. Cabal befriends Bordeaux, a templar who resisted conversion
    3. There’s a trapdoor into the lobby where Odoya is waiting
  5. Hosea arrives at the museum and sneaks into the west wing
    1. Hosea notices the real Cipher but is caught and brought to Odoya
    2. The cabal kill Odoya and destroy the Cipher after betraying Pierpont

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