War for the Throne


The cabal is informed of the emergency and is asked to check in on a suspected traitor.


#Claviger visits the cabal and informs them that not only has the blizzard knocked out most of Duluth’s infrastructure, but that it’s blocking magical senses as well

  1. The cabal eventually finds Regrowth (Nathan Cobbs) in his family’s trailer near New Duluth
    1. There are three bodies being devoured by some sort of white-furred ghouls
  2. The cabal goes to intercept Claviger from the Men in Black
    1. Two days away in Aurora, MN
  3. En route to Aurora, the cabal’s car breaks down in a ghost town
    1. Car’s electrical system shorts out
  4. One survivor has made a deal with Naberius and is protected by hellhounds for the duration of the blizzard
    1. Jason Douglass locked others out in storm as payment to Naberius (aka Kerberos)
    2. Naberius offers to repair their car, even transport them to Aurora
  5. The events at the ghost city call the Men in Black
    1. The cabal leads the Men in Black to Claviger, fulfilling the prophecy.
  6. The cabal arrives in Aurora and claims hospitality from the local cabal
  7. Terry gets a vision from the exarchs about possesions
    1. an innocent man being stoned by an impossible material
  8. Throughout the night, the cabal hears screams and clanking sounds echo
    1. The town took shelter in the refinery and have been possessed by a ghost
    2. A Cherubim is blocking the doors against the ‘infected’
  9. The townspeople are being fed to the refinery machines by ghosts
    1. Placed in rock crushers
    2. Thrown in chemical vats
  10. The cabal heads down into the refinery and destroys the ghosts
  11. The Men in Black show up at the plant’s front door
    1. The Cherubim has returned to the Aether, allowing the Men in Black downstairs
  12. The Men in Black ‘question’ Sleepers
    1. Claviger watches them in the lower levels and they take her before anyone notices

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