War for the Throne

Underground Resources

The war turns personal as a friend is in dire need of help.

  1. Gwen (Audit’s ex-) has been offered a job at Cheiron with her fiance
  2. Bliss is hired by AAR as an image/press consultant
  3. Hosea makes a deal with Solomon for access to his library
    1. Solomon wants the Book of Life from the Cheiron Plant
    2. Hosea wants access to Solomon’s library
  4. Bliss asks Moth for rotes to control the Golems of Adzjinn
    1. Moth tells Bliss to bring him Leomin before the Anglers do
    2. Bliss is given an eye lapel pin to warn off the Anglers (and let Moth watch)
  5. Thaumaturge Mining is having trouble producing the ore AAR needs for its prototype
    1. A cave-in at the Rice Lake mine has delayed production
  6. Terry and Bliss go on a date with Gwen, trying to suss out info about Cheiron
    1. Brad Foster gave her an interview at the plant
  7. Asimov and Hosea investigate the Parepin, Inc. broadcasting towers
    1. They believe there is wiretapping and subliminal messaging
    2. Hosea has sabotaged the broadcasting towers after being tagged by 101
  8. The cabal discuss what to do at a truck stop outside of town
  9. They decide to let the ‘repairs’ wait in order to save Leomin
  10. A fight between Cheiron and the Bartlett Cartel breaks out
    1. The cabal interrupts it and kidnaps Leomin


Yithian Yithian

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