War for the Throne


During a riot, Bliss rejoins the Seers and the cabal gains a new member.

  1. Asimov goes to the meeting with the fear-powered cell phone
  2. Audit’s tow truck from work got trashed by the Anglers
    1. check in on Leomin
  3. There’s a riot at the Charlie Green Tower and police are quelling it
    1. The cabal battles Thorned Namshiel, who barely gets away
  4. Audit and Tally take Hosea to a hospital, as he’s on the verge of death
    1. He is wheeled into the ER with all five denarii in his pockets
  5. By the time the rest of the cabal get back inside, the demons have been released
    1. Working on desecrating the hospital
  6. Rail works at the hospital and helps the cabal
  7. After subduing three of the demons, Tarsiel escapes to a graveyard near the Church of the Ascension
    1. Urumviel kills his host (doctor) as revenge for its imprisonment in the pocket realm
  8. Pau’guk’s undead soldiers are guarding the graveyard, and hunt down Tarsiel
    1. They only attack the cabal if they’re attacked first, and only to get past them
  9. Tarsiel is preparing to claim the Charlie Green tower by destroying the soul of one of the grigori’s anchors there
    1. The Order of the Blackened Denarius has an infernal grimoire with names of those who might Awaken
    2. The cabal kills Tarsiel before she can even start


Yithian Yithian

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