War for the Throne

The Prodigal Master

After reclaiming Leomin Strauss, the cabal must decide what to do with him. Meanwhile, the chaos at Parepin, Inc. allows them to establish a Temple of Obligation.

  1. Audit has another Exarch-inspired vision
    1. A metal sentinel standing over the body of a robed man, in the rubble of a collapsed building in front of a cyclopean stone spire
    2. The sentinel is taking the stole from the body of the fallen man
  2. While taking Leomin back to their sanctum, the cabal encounters (and flees from) an Anglers Observations surveillance van
  3. The cabal talks to Leomin to get some information out of him
    1. The Hegemonic Ministry is dying ever since the Nameless War and Mammon is trying to succeed it
    2. Hegemonic and its allies want Audit dead because of his destiny
  4. All the mages’ cell phones turn on (with a signal) and glow with a blinding rust-colored light for 4:37 minutes
    1. Parepin, Inc. has established a Temple of Obligation over Lakeside (vulgar, +2 paradox to counter/dispel Mind)
  5. Bliss is arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity on a tip by Hook
    1. Hook, and later cops, interrogate Bliss about Leomin
  6. Asimov is hospitalized by a twilight demon
  7. The rest of the cabal ambushes Line and Sinker, leaving them helpless and shamed
  8. Bliss convinces Moth to change the rules of the contest
    1. He needs to kill the Gatekeeper before Hook brings Leomin to Moth
  9. While Asimov is hospitalized, Rail tries to make a deal with him
    1. Offers healing and protection in return for help against Hegemonic/Paternoster
    2. Will offer money if he needs to (Resources *)
  10. Hosea searches the hard drive stolen from Anglers Observations
    1. He finds the location of the Monitoring Station and a video of a Grigori being created
  11. The cabal, group casting, dispel the mental compulsion on Leomin
  12. Thaumaturge has cleared the cave-in at the Rice Lake Mine and inform Asimov they can fill his order
  13. While at UMD, Thoth informs Hosea that he suspects the Order is planning something for tonight
    1. There are demons at the school, inflicting students with forbidden rites
  14. Hosea gets information from Lasciel (in one of the coins) about where to find more coins
  15. The cabal breaks into the house and finds the Gatekeeper, apparently alone in a derelict house in Lincoln Park
    1. She has Sleepers keeping watch as backup (and to inflict Paradox)
    2. When one of her maintained spells fails, the house collapses into the Abyss
  16. The Gatekeeper has just made a human sacrifice as part of an Abyssal compact and is confident enough to fight
    1. She has significant magical defenses (Zeal, first attainment, Untouchable, 1 bashing/lethal consumed as instant)
    2. Three sleeper thugs enhanced with covert magic (Zeal)
  17. Confronting the Gatekeeper, the cabal is grievously injured but by collapsing the house on her, manage to kill her
    1. Hosea uncovered a brainwashing ritual in the basement
    2. Bliss ended his contest with the Anglers
    3. Asimov recognized that he’s being watched
  18. Lasciel informs Hosea that the other Denarii weren’t actually in the Gatekeeper’s house


Yithian Yithian

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