War for the Throne

The Museum Job

Out of the storm and after the recovery, the Seers begin to take action

  1. Terry gets a vision (All Along the Watchtower) and is told to take the day off by Earl
    1. The mayor announces the touring museum exhibit; pisses off Fredrick
    2. Edison gets an invite to the gala; exhibit opens tomorrow
  2. One of the PCs’ sleeper friends is at the museum and one of their antagonists, too
    1. Perry Birch (grad student friend of Hosea)
    2. Carry (Wiccan coven member, antagonist of Edison)
    3. Ingot
  3. Dara MacKenzie wants them to take the Cipher
    1. She can’t be seen to rob the museum, but an outsider can
  4. After the gala, the power is cut and the attendees are herded
    1. Odoya and 12 templars (SWAT officer template, but are mobsters)
    2. Cabal befriends Bordeaux, a templar who resisted conversion
    3. There’s a trapdoor into the lobby where Odoya is waiting
  5. Hosea arrives at the museum and sneaks into the west wing
    1. Hosea notices the real Cipher but is caught and brought to Odoya
    2. The cabal kill Odoya and destroy the Cipher after betraying Pierpont


Yithian Yithian

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