War for the Throne

The Fractured Pentacle

As a Temple of Vision is built over the Lighthouse, an internal conflict divides (and weakens) the Pentacle

  1. A laborer, fitting Fredrick’s description, goes on a shooting spree at the docks and brainwashed cops kill him
    1. Suspiciously, the police are unharmed and the shooter (clearly a mage) is killed
    2. Fredrick heard that the Guardians are keeping a “shield” from the consilium
    3. A Guardian tore down Fredrick’s magic to keep the pentacle’s secrecy (and the Veil)
    4. Fredrick was raving about “stopping the doomed rings getting into Duluth”
  2. Audit receives a vision of a stone monolith with a shining eye watching over a bustling, primeval city
    1. Its denizens wrap themselves tightly in dark robes and hide their faces, but the eye’s gaze pierces through them
  3. After his vision, Audit sneaks into the lighthouse and steals the soul stone powering the temple
  4. The cabal believes the Rings of Sarnath may be on board a ship and Tally lets them believe this
    1. After breaking into the Captain’s quarters, they steal the ship’s manifest
    2. On their way to the bridge, they are interrupted by Moebius
  5. While trying to find what the cabal is doing, Moebius reveals Fredrick was hunting for a “shield”
  6. Since the Temple of Vision has collapsed, Sleepers in the docks have given over to their animal instincts
    1. The cameras have stopped moving and the recording lights have shut off
    2. If questioned, Sleepers will say there’s no reason to obey since no one is watching
  7. After drawing mana from the soul stone, Hook swaps it with a grenade to get it back
  8. The cabal realizes that other temples may exist and plan to shut down the one at the Commonwealth Building
    1. Little do they know that it’s heavily guarded by demons and even an old ally
  9. Bliss warns the cabal to leave, but they don’t heed the warning and are attacked by a hellhound
  10. On the roof of the Commonwealth Building, the cabal confronts Bliss
  11. The cabal hospitalizes bliss, asking for Rail to alert them when he wakes up
    1. They destroy his denarius
  12. Tally destroys Nicodemus’ soul stone, unmaking the Temple of Doctrine
    1. Nicodemus gains knowledge of Tally with his attainment
    2. Arcadia has collided with the Projects
  13. Tally leaves a note for Ophid to meet up and talk about the towers


Yithian Yithian

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