War for the Throne

The Fallen Tower

The miigis at the Commonwealth Building has been corrupted by Nicodemus and is summoning reinforcements to distract mages from Nicodemus, who is erecting a Temple of Doctrine over the Projects.

  1. The cabal gets in a fight with a man possessed by Saluriel
  2. Retracing through history, the cabal finds out the three other mages have been killed
    1. They were hanged and used to create hands of glory for an infernal ritual
  3. When they return to the Projects, the cabal feels like they’re trespassing
    1. All their magic is now vulgar with +1 dice to paradox
    2. Nicodemus’ soul stone is a blackened rosary on the roof, guarded by by hellhounds
  4. The cabal splits up to research things
    1. Bordeaux informs Terry the Bartlett Cartel is being brainwashed
    2. Thoth tells Hosea about the Denarian’s coins
    3. Poe helps Bliss find out about Saluriel the demon
  5. A man possessed by Saluriel attacks the cabal, dropping his coin when defeated
    1. Hosea pockets the coin before anyone can touch it
  6. The cabal retreat back to Hosea’s sanctum to share their findings
  7. The verge around the Commonwealth Building has collapsed
  8. Nicodemus has claimed the ‘tower’, affecting magic
    1. Magic channeled from the Primal Wilds is now Seer-ish in its effects
    2. Also, +2 to Seers, -2 to everyone else
  9. A hellhound is waiting in Bliss’ apartment and chases them off
  10. Terry finds out the Bartlett Cartel are feuding with Cheiron
  11. The cabal decides to trade a ring of thaumium for three rotes with the Shadow Lodge
  12. A snowstorm rocks the city, providing cover for an attack on the Commonwealth Building
    1. Gargoyles made by the Tower of Bab-el trying to take control of the Temple
    2. They have strict instructions not to harm Audit but attack the cabal and Sleepers
  13. The cabal look for holy water and run into Asimov, taking refuge
    1. Asimov was jumped by Justin (Sinker) who retreats in an Anglers van
  14. The Commonwealth Building’s halls are littered with corpses, allowing access to the roof
    1. Cheiron’s gargoyles have slain those possessed trying to claim the Temple


Yithian Yithian

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