War for the Throne


One of Asimov’s friends dies from self-imposed starvation alone in his apartment, leaving the Fear-Powered Cell Phone behind. Other items indicate that he may have been working to sabotage the project. Meanwhile, the Tower of Bab-el creates a Temple of Fury at the Charlie Green Tower.

  1. AAR’s Personnel Office calls Asimov asking if he knows what’s happened to Pete Brown. He hasn’t shown up to work for the past week.
    1. Pete has been working on a neural interface, the last component for AAR’s prototype
    2. His has starved to death and his apartment is largely empty, his research scattered
  2. Ingot (by way of Tommy) offers $750 for an ancient metal (adamas) being held by a local engineer — Pete Brown
    1. Audit should get it as practice for acquiring his own reagents
    2. Pete was offered monetary compensation, but if Audit can haggle him down, he’s welcome to keep the rest
  3. Audit has a vision of a lightning-struck, shining tower being encased in a tarnished gold, dimming its radiance
  4. Audit confronts Ingot, angry that he’s been sent after a lot of dead bodies
  5. On a tip from the phone, Bliss stalks the reporter and is attacked by a Myrmidon in service to Dean Bezhig
    1. He accidentally unleashes an Aether anomaly, creating a lightning storm, blasting the area
    2. Afterword, Bliss instills nightmares into the reporter’s dreams
  6. The Grigori starts “checking in” on the other members of the cabal, periodically
  7. The fear-powered cell phone suggests to Asimov that there may be more saboteurs in AAR
    1. Crystal, working on the electrical systems team
    2. Ronnie, helping construct the load-bearing frame
  8. Investigating the other houses, Bliss finds Imariel’s coin
    1. As a team, the cabal kill Magog
    2. Bliss accepts the partnership with Imariel
  9. A lightning storm erupts over the city, causing power fluctuations
    1. This triggers a riot in Lakeside, providing cover for Opal “soldiers” trying to take over the Charlie Green Tower
    2. Ultimately used to gather more authoritarian power over the city
  10. The cabal destroys Akariel’s coin using a ritual provided by Lasciel
    1. Ursiel, Urumviel, Varthiel, Ordiel and Tarsiel are still around
  11. Afterword, they try to exorcise Imariel from Bliss and he flees, with Moth’s help
    1. Bliss took off his jacket and dropped it while running


Yithian Yithian

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