War for the Throne


Another Temple is destroyed, and the gloves come off. The Praetorian and Panoptic ministries decide that Mammon’s rising Minister isn’t worth the trouble anymore.

  1. The cabal sneaks into the Charlie Green tower and dodge magical traps to destroy its Temple of Fury
    1. the Aether, the Primal Wild and Arcadia have collided with the Fallen World
  2. Bliss regains consciousness, though still hospitalized, and Rail alerts the cabal
  3. Bezhig postcogs the cabal members he saw and drops the hammer on their mundane lives.
    1. Houses either repossessed or bulldozed by eminent domain
    2. Publicly declared terrorists with names and faces
    3. Bank accounts frozen
    4. Fired from their jobs
  4. Desperate and outcast, the Worldly Inheritors (by way of Rail) beg the cabal for help
    1. In addition, a bounty has been placed on them
  5. With both Seer factions turned against them, the cabal flees to the safety of the Shadow Lodge’s compound
  6. The Shadow Lodge eagerly suggest taking the fight to Cheiron’s plant, which the cabal readily agrees to
  7. After the initial assault, the Shadow Lodge keeps the rear safe while the cabal investigates
    1. quarterly profits are up
    2. test subjects developing well, newest antipsychotic is promising but some resources are still too obvious
    3. misgivings about Mammon, especially their Minister-to-be (with DNA sample)
    4. have to compete for ore from Thaumaturge, a local robotics lab wants it too
  8. after getting past the initial guards, the cheiron plant looks empty/abandoned except for the “patients”
    1. bulging, amorphous tentacle “arm”; irradiated metal in a heat lamp
    2. halfway-nercotized flesh; brownish-red, viscous fluid in an IV
    3. stitches and pronounced achilles tendon
    4. frosty breath, frosted table; thermometer dangling over heart, scars from chest surgery
    5. razor-pendulum cutting the abdomen, healing instantly
    6. milky, yellow eyes; eyes held open, dripping a clear, brackish solution into them
  9. The entire Tower of Bab-el is waiting in the boardroom (which has two zombie guards) to make a deal
    1. If they leave town, the pylon will call off the hunt. Otherwise, automated processes will continue it
    2. Regardless of their answer, the Shadow Lodge bursts in, bloody and well-fed and tear into the Seers


Yithian Yithian

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