War for the Throne

A Murder Mystery

The cabal stumble across a corpse killed by the Shadow Lodge and made to look like strange animals did it.

  1. The next day, the Sanderson Museum Heist is in all the local news outlets “Vigilantes usurp police authority, risk Duluthians’ lives”, complete with police sketches.
    1. The first officer at the scene is found in the woods, and the cabal is blamed for it
    2. Officer Scott is the lead on the killing
  2. The cabal notices an incognito item effect placed on their sanctum with a strange jelly
    1. Ingot saw them at the museum and wanted to protect them
  3. The first time they go out, cabal is attacked by mutant wolves
  4. The cabal tracks the wolves back into New Duluth and into the Wilderness again by way of a van
  5. The trail ends at a secured compound
    1. The property is in the jurisdiction of neither Duluth nor Minnesota
    2. It is heavily implied to be a pharmaceutical company
  6. Fix informs the cabal that the property is owned by the Cheiron Group
    1. Immediately after, however, she tries to hide from Cheiron
  7. Tommy Graves visits Fix and the cabal at her storage crate
  8. The cabal meets with Ingot at his mansion where he offers to train Terry in alchemy
    1. Ingot also tells Terry he has a grand destiny
  9. Back at Fix’s, there are two Cheiron agents are waiting
    1. The cabal attempts to ambush them
    2. The agents have Zeal, tasers and are hive-souled
    3. Their instructions were to recruit Fix, or failing that, capture her
  10. The cabal ambushes and questions the hive-souled agents
    1. After the questioning, their minds are wiped and the agents let go


Yithian Yithian

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