War for the Throne

A Forest of Ice

A rare alchemical reagent, which doubles as tass, causes trouble and introduces a new ally.

  1. Another police officer, government employee and a banker are found dead
    1. Apparently killed by animals again, wider search
    2. Surveillance cameras have been constructed all around Duluth
  2. Hosea is tasked with tailing a mage suspected of breaching the Veil (Nicodemus)
  3. Terry is asked to get Iridescent Moss from the Commonwealth Building
    1. Nicodemus opened a verge into the Forest of Frozen Trees and a miigis killed the contacts
    2. The contacts grew the ingredients in the hallow in the basement
  4. The cabal finds the remnants of the Iridescent Moss and draws the attention of the miigis
  5. After investigating, the resident mages have disappeared and meet Bliss
    1. Harvey Spinner, Robert Murdoch and Thomas Graves
  6. The miigis confronts the cabal and demands payment for trespassing
    1. The mages were killed because they could not pay their tribute anymore after the hallow died
  7. The group splits up to talk to their separate contacts and do research
    1. Terry gets in touch with Emily Pratt, a miner at Thaumaturge who might be able to find a patch of incandescent moss in the mines
    2. Hosea goes to the police department and arouses their suspicions about police killings
    3. Hosea is caught on security cameras in Lincoln Park
    4. Bliss talks to Carnation and the Lorehouse operator and finds out the iridescent moss is tass and grows in hallows
  8. Emily has found the mine rumored to have glowing veins of ore
    1. Her call to Terry is plagued by connection problems
  9. Once inside the mine, Emily is pulled away from the group by spider-lizard hybrids
    1. An experiment escaped/released from the Cheiron plant
  10. A patch of Iridescent Moss is growing near a thaumium vein deep in the mine
  11. Fighting his acrophobia, Bliss presents the moss as tribute on the roof of the Commonwealth Building


Yithian Yithian

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